Wedding Planning Software for Mac

WeddingLan screens

"This is a fantastic way to organize your wedding."
Wendy Jefferson. Mount Pleasant, NY

  • Contacts


    Guest information such as names and addresses can be found under Contacts and saving them as individuals instead of couples, will help you to easily track email addresses, names of guests invited by your contacts as well their roles, meals and gifts. Import contacts from Address Book or CSV files with ease or enter information manually. Sending mass save-the-date emails is achieved by highlighting desired contacts prior to sending. After the wedding export the contacts list compiled by you and your fiancé (e) to Address Book.

  • Invitations


    Create a master contacts list and assign contacts to individual invitations. The term "invitations" refers to the storage of outer and inner invitation envelope address information. Invitations are created individually and assigning multiple contacts is as simple as dragging and dropping them. Invitations are assigned a unique RSVP ID which you’ll write on the reverse of your RSVP for identification purposes. During Inner and outer envelope text creation WeddingLan suggests appropriate wording although this is easily edited with your own text. Mailed invitations are marked as "sent" so you can relax and wait for your RSVPs.

  • RSVPs


    RSVPs received should be registered in WeddingLan so that acceptances become "Attendees" within WeddingLan. Whilst sending invitations out you can enter the guest’s meal preference if this was an option and also customize meal selections. Ongoing RSVP statistics are recorded and as an average you can expect 80% of your guests to attend (160 out of 200).

  • Attendees


    Contacts due to attend can be found in "Attendees" with their meal selections and total head count. You can assign attendees to reception seating within the software which turns confusing seating arrangements into a simple drag and drop seating layout plan. Create reception tent cards (place cards) and export them for print.

  • Gifts


    Gifts can be sent for your engagement, wedding or shower and often catch you by surprise at anytime or place. WeddingLan can help you track gifts and tell you whether you’ve sent a thank you note yet. It is polite to send thank you notes within 3 months of gift receipt.

  • Checklist


    WeddingLan comprises 100 wedding planning tasks that all bride and grooms will need to consider so you can work through the checklist at your own pace. Tasks can be added, edited or even deleted to suit your plans. Suggested time frames are given for groups of tasks and a filter allows you to view important tasks first.

  • Budget


    WeddingLan allows you to monitor wedding expenses by category with budget estimates for each category. Suggestions help you to plan your spending whilst allowing you to determine exactly how much you want to spend on each part of your wedding. WeddingLan calculates your expenditure and what should be left according to your figures. It even calculates percentages. Once you have entered your expense costs in WeddingLan make sure you keep all receipts safely.

  • Vendors


    Bridal salons, photographers and florists are all wedding vendors and WeddingLan provides a place to store vendor information to ensure that all services are handled effectively. Web pages, physical and email addresses are stored within WeddingLan and also appear in the budget section so you can track how much you spend with each vendor.

  • Events


    Events include all functions related to your wedding such as meetings, parties and appointments. WeddingLan can store event information in the same way as vendor information including contact numbers, email addresses and web pages relating to each event as well as any gifts received.